Preschool Philosophy

Charles Weston School Coombs will create a learning community that values innovation and creativity, a school that develops ethical and compassionate individuals who are prepared for the challenges and opportunities they will face as citizens in a globally connected and changing world.

In our preschool, we believe children are capable and involved learners who learn best when they have collaborative and responsive relationships with their peers and educators.  We value our diverse cultural identity and work in close partnership with families to develop a strong learning community.

In nurturing capable and involved learners, we:

  • Support children to engage in meaningful play experiences
  • Encourage children to extend and take risks in their learning
  • Use inquiry learning to explore concepts and skills
  • Provide learning experiences which cater for the interests and abilities of all children
  • Provide a safe and engaging learning environment
  • Value and incorporate children’s contributions, questions and ideas into their learning experiences

In developing collaborative and responsive relationships between children, their peers and educators, we:

  • Speak with respect and inclusivity, positively promoting each child’s individuality
  • Support children to have positive interactions with peers and educators
  • Model ways and provide opportunities for all children to communicate, express themselves and understand each other
  • Actively promote a sense of belonging to the preschool and the whole school community
  • Intentionally teach our GROW values - Growth Mindset, Respect, Organisation and Wellbeing - to support children’s social and emotional learning

Our diverse cultural identity is valued as we:

  • Operate within a welcoming and inclusive school environment
  • Promote an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • Provide safe and supportive opportunities for students to maintain, share and use their home languages as well as develop and extend skills in using Standard Australian English
  • Invite families to share their cultural heritage as part of our learning through song, dance, stories, food and traditions
  • Promote cultural awareness in daily activities
  • Provide avenues to communicate in home language with families concerning daily operations of the preschool and their children’s involvement in preschool life and learning

To develop close relationships with families, we:

  • Understand and value the significant learning which occurs at home and seek to build upon children’s current understandings
  • Actively seek to develop our knowledge of the language and culture of our families
  • Encourage open communication around children and their learning needs and goals, including daily conversations and goal setting
  • Regularly celebrate and share children’s learning and achievements
  • Communicate and act with respect, sensitivity and honesty