The Arts

Arts - dance, drama, music, visual and media arts- are a powerful mode of communication through which students explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them. Our school's inquiry units provide a relevant and authentic context for students to create and respond to the arts. Wherever possible, arts are taught through the inquiry units and should support students' inquiries.

An Instrumental Music Program (Ukulele) will be offered to students in the middle years and in the years to come a band program will also commence.

Every Chance to Dance

In line with the Australian Arts Curriculum, the Every Chance to Dance resource provides four modules containing 30-minute weekly lessons that can be delivered for every week across all four school terms. The resource also has the flexibility to be delivered over a multi-year format. Each module, while focused on dance includes lessons that align with the other areas of the arts curriculum, including music, visual arts, media and drama. The modules also include wellbeing and empowerment messages for students.

Dance Nation

The Dance Nation school arts program is uniquely designed to build within each individual a sense of identity, belonging, pride and legacy.

It engages hundreds of young people from across the ACT region to participate in the dance program and perform their showcase piece in a highly celebrative atmosphere that enables them to shine. Dance Nation increases community connectedness by allowing cluster schools and schools within the whole network to work together to make Canberra a brighter place.

Dance Nation also has strong links to the achievement standards of the Australian Arts Curriculum as students dance skills are developed through making and responding to arts practice.

Each school is provided with a dance coach in residence during school hours to work with your teachers and students to develop dance performance production around a positive theme that builds school culture. The program concludes with a large performance called the ‘Dance Nation Schools Spectacular’ held at the Royal Theatre – National Convention Centre.