School Parliament

What is School Parliament? How do we share our ideas?

At Charles Weston School we have a procedure of passing a Bill for the school. This procedure starts when someone has a bright idea, if they are a year 5/6 student they would write it on a post it note and then put it into the bill box, it will then be passed on to the correct minister.  If the student/teacher/parent is not in 5/6 they will go to their class minister and tell them about the idea.

This idea is then formed into a Bill and presented at our School’s House of Representatives Parliament sitting by the Ministers in charge of the Bill. When the Bill is presented all the Members of Parliament (everyone in year 6) vote. If a majority votes ‘yes’ for the bill it is passed up to the Senate. (that is run by the teachers). The Senate talks about the bill and decides whether the bill needs amendments or can be passed as a new idea at our school. If the Senate passes the bill it needs to be signed by the Governor General who is Mrs Nicholson.

Thank you for taking the time to read our explanation on how Parliament works at Charles Weston School. If you have any great ideas please follow this process.


Idea → Inform Year 6 Minister → Minister Writes a Bill → Debated at House of Representatives (students) → Debated at Senate (teachers) → Signed by Governor General

Elise and Evan

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Proposed bills Outcome

The videos below show the first sitting on the CWSC school parliament.

In 2016, our foundation students participated in the iinspire program. They made this video as a culminating activity to show student leadership at CWSC.