Physical Education (PE) and Health

Physical Education (PE) at CWSC is more than just participation in sports and games. Our purpose is to develop in students a combination of transferable skills promoting physical, intellectual, emotional and social development; to encourage present and future choices that contribute to long-term healthy living and to understand the cultural significance of physical activities for individuals and communities. We promote the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and the need to take personal responsibility for health and safety.

Every class has an allocated time each week for a Physical Education lesson. Each lesson is designed to improve fundamental motor skills. We offer additional opportunities to participate in sporting clinics, learn to swim programs, swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals, and interschool competitions.

Additional PE sessions are provided by classroom teachers to consolidate skills and complement specialist lessons.  Teachers incorporate the knowledge and skills of the Health and Physical Education strands of; personal, social and community health and Movement and Physical activity as detailed in the Australian Curriculum.  Components of the health curriculum will be covered through the inquiry units.