Our Mathematics program  is built around developing a strong understanding of content and knowledge of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Teaching and learning experiences at CWSC provide students with opportunities to explore concepts in various ways and encourage student collaboration and investigation. The four proficiency strands Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning, as outlined by the Australian Curriculum - Mathematics are integrated into  these experiences.

Through effective maths teaching, we develop the numeracy capabilities that all students need in their personal, work and civic life, and provide the fundamentals on which mathematical specialties and professional applications of mathematics are built. The Australian Curriculum - Mathematics guides our teaching and connections are made between Content Descriptors where appropriate. These year level statements describe the knowledge, skills, concepts and processes that teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn.  The content descriptions are intended to ensure that learning is appropriately ordered and that unnecessary repetition is avoided. However, a concept or skill introduced at one year level may be revisited, strengthened and extended in later years as needed.

Based on our knowledge of how students best learn mathematics, we use a balanced numeracy approach. This framework includes 5 - 10 minute warm up activities, whole class explicit teaching, differentiated group work and whole class reflection. Students explore mathematics within real world contexts to strengthen their learning. Within all mathematics lessons there are opportunities for students to construct meaning from direct experiences by using manipulatives, problem solving and through conversations.