School Parliament

At CWSC we believe in providing authentic opportunities for student leadership. We pride ourselves in enabling student voice and student involvement in decision making about things that impact their education and the environment in which they learn. During their upper primary years students engage in a unit of inquiry with a focus on civics and citizenship. Through this they learn about different systems of government, leadership, and focus particularly on Australia’s democratic parliament. As a culmination of the unit year 6 students nominate and campaign for parliamentary positions in our school House of Representatives. Positions include Prime Minister, Deputy PM, Speaker, and then Ministers with portfolios such as Sport & Health, Fundraising, Environment, Community, Technology, Cultural Affairs etc. Once elected their role is to act as representatives of the student body.

Ideas for bills are generated through discussions with students across the school. Each class elects 2 class members per term to attend parliament meetings where they can share ideas, concerns and ask questions on behalf of their class. The parliament members meet regularly to write bills which are presented to parliament on sitting days. The students debate the bills and if passed they are referred to the Senate (school staff) for debate. Once a bill is passed by the Senate it is then handed to the Governor-General (School Principal) for signing, at which point it becomes a ‘law’ and can be enacted. The year 6 students then form working parties to organise and carry out projects.

Below is a list of the bills that have been proposed by the House of Representatives.

Proposed bills Outcome
Sports houses Passed - 4 houses set up Grevillea (green), Rosewood (blue), Olearia (yellow) & Wattle (purple).
Bell music Passed - Classes will take turns choosing the music for the school bells
School picnic Returned to the House of Representatives for amendments.
School disco Returned to the House of Representatives for amendments.

The videos below show the first sitting on the CWSC school parliament.

This year Year 5/6 participated in the iinspire program. We have made this video as a cumlimnating activity to show leadership here at CWSC.